How do I ask a question I don’t see answered on this website?

Please use our contact form to ask any questions not addressed on this website.

I’m a photographer. Who do I arrange a photo pass through?

We are no longer accepting media applications for Desert Trip.

How can I get information about having a booth there?

We are not currently accepting applications for booths at this time.

Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?

We are not currently hiring or looking for volunteers for this event.

When should I arrive?

The venue will open at 2pm daily.

Will set times be posted in advance?

First act will go on at 6:30pm daily.

How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night?

Click here for the Coachella Valley 10-day weather forecast information.

Can I pass out flyers inside the venue? Outside?

No. Any sort of unapproved promotion is not allowed. Additionally, we’re trying to produce less trash/waste. Try promoting via e-mail or social media.

Can I bring a chair or blanket to sit on for General Admission?

Small blankets or towels and/or low back chairs WILL be allowed in designated viewing areas of the venue.

Can I use passes, wristbands or the Desert Trip name to promote my website/product/event?

No. The Desert Trip trademark, intellectual property, passes and wristbands may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose without written authorization from the show’s producers.

Are there breast pump stations?

If you need a place to pump and store, we have you covered. Bring your own pump to any one of the medical tents in the venue for a private place to pump. Refrigeration for pumped breast milk is available at only the main medical tent location (a show map will be provided at a later date).

Are credit cards accepted?

We’re accepting credit cards at all food, beverage and retail vendors. We will also be accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay, so you never need to pull out your wallet.

Do you accept cash and debit?

Yes. All vendors accept cash. We have ATMs both inside the venue and around the campgrounds, as marked on the show guide.

Will there be gender neutral restrooms available?

Yes. Gender neutral restrooms will be available and may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression.

Will there be flushable toilets and sinks available?

We will have ample flushable facilities that are always close by with running water for all of your needs.


When will passes go on sale?

Passes went on sale Monday, May 9, 2016 at 10:00am PDT. Show passes are now no longer available.

Will Payment/Purchase Plans be Available for this show?

Payment plans will not be available for this show.

How do I log in to my purchase account?

Visit the Desert Trip ticket purchase page (Weekend 1 | Weekend 2) and click on the "Log In" tab to log in to your account.

How do I check on my order?

How do I update/change my ticketing address?

The tickets for Desert Trip are being sent to the billing address associated with the credit card used at the time of the purchase. If you are not able to get your passes at the billing address being used for your order, you can update the shipping address in your Order History. Please note the last day to update your shipping address is August 15th or within 24 hours of purchase – whichever is later.

After completing your purchase:

  • Log in to your account by visiting Desert Trips ticket purchase page (Weekend 1 | Weekend 2).
  • Click on the “Log In” tab and log in to your account.
  • Click on “Order History” in the “My Account” tab.
  • Select your order using the order number or date of purchase as reference.
  • Click on the “Edit” button next to your shipping details and then update the shipping address to where you would like the credentials sent.

If for any reason you cannot log into your account please contact us at (855) 414-6340 (M-F, 9a-5p MST) and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

When will I get my order?

Please review the "Getting Your Order" section.

I purchased seats in a few different priced sections and I’m not sure which wristband goes with which wristband?

Please see the guide for which wristbands go with which laminates.

I bought seats for each weekend and I'm not sure which laminate is for which weekend or which wristband goes with it.

Please see the guide for which wristbands go with which laminates. Note that the Weekend 1 laminates are yellow while the Weekend 2 laminates are blue.

I purchased a GA VIP pass, but I'm not sure what wristbands go with it.

Please see the guide for what's included in the GA VIP package.


YES Backpacks (Medium)
YES Beach Towels
YES Binoculars
YES Blankets (Small)
YES Bota Bags (Empty)
YES Cigarettes (Unopened)
YES Chairs (Low Back)
YES Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
YES Disposable Cameras
YES Ear Plugs
YES Empty Plastic Bottles & Camelbaks (64 oz or Less)
YES Fanny Packs
YES Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
YES GoPros (No Poles/Extenders)
YES Hats
YES Lighters
YES Single Compartment Purses
YES Small Bags (20"x20" or Less)
YES Sun Block (Non-aerosol)

NO Aerosol Sprays
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Balloons, Balls, Inflatable Balls, Frisbees
NO Bicycles in the Concert Area
NO Caution Tape/Rope
NO Chains/Chain Wallets
NO Coolers
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, Toys or Cars
NO Fireworks/Explosives/Flammable Liquids
NO Flags
NO Golf Carts, Dune Buggies, Electronic/Motorized Scooters
NO Hover Boards, Segways, Self Balance Wheels
NO Large Misting Systems
NO Laser Pointers
NO Metal or Glass Bottles
NO Musical Instruments
NO Outside Food or Beverage
NO Pets
NO Professional Cameras/Video Cameras
NO Selfie Sticks
NO Spray Paint/Giant Markers
NO Squirt Guns
NO Tents
NO Umbrellas (Beach, Rain, Etc.)
NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Guns, Ammo, Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Etc.)
NO Wagons or Wheeled Carts (Unless ADA Approved)


How do I bring in my medical prescriptions?

All medical prescriptions must be in labeled containers that match the holder’s proper ID (separate labeled containers for each medication).

How do I bring in my insulin?

Diabetics should identify themselves to security prior to entering the venue. Security will locate the medical folks adjacent to the main entrance who will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for insulin.

Can I bring my medical marijuana?

Sorry, Daddy-O, medical marijuana cards are not valid at Desert Trip.

I have health problems and am not able to eat standard food. Will I be able to bring in my supplements?

Medical related/required items, such as small individual portions of specialized food otherwise unavailable in the venue, may be brought in to the venue provided a doctor’s note describing the necessity of the item(s) is shown at the gate.

Can I bring in eye drops or saline for my contact lenses?

Yes. But, it needs to be in a small marked container.

Can I bring in a water mister or squirt gun?

No squirt guns will be allowed in the venue. You may bring in a small, empty plastic personal-sized fan mister. No large pump-style misters will be allowed.

Can I bring in chapstick?


Can we bring in walkie talkies?


Are strollers allowed in the venue?

Strollers for infants/toddlers will be allowed. Wagons or wheeled carts will not be allowed in the venue.

How big is a medium backpack?

A medium backpack should be no bigger than 20″ tall, 15″ wide and 9″ thick packed. Bags will have to fit into a box of that size similar to the system used at airports. If your bag doesn’t fit in the box it won’t be able to go inside the venue. No metal framed backpacks will be allowed in the venue.

What are considered professional cameras?

Any camera with a removable/detachable lens will be considered a professional camera.

Can I bring my vape or e-cig?

Single use minis (a.k.a. cig-a-likes) are okay. Mid-sized e-cigs and vape pens are okay. However, no liquid refills will be allowed into the venue. APVs or mods are not allowed in the venue, but will be allowed in camping.


Where is the nearest bus stop?

The closest public bus stop is in downtown Indio (about 3 miles from Desert Trip). However, we offer our Any Line, Anytime Shuttle Pass that runs from from over 20 locations in the Coachella Valley directly to the Desert Trip entrance. You can purchase a pass for $25 at Valley Music Travel.

Where is the nearest gas station?

A gas station is about 3.6 miles away at Monroe & 111.

I locked my keys in my car or my car won't start. Will there be a tow truck or AAA on site?

Our on-site locksmith will be standing by at 760.835.4427. There will also be a tow truck on site and AAA will be standing by.

Where is the friend/family pick-up and drop-off point?

Desert Trip attendees getting dropped off and picked up by friends and family should meet them at the entrance to Lot #13.

Where do motorcycles park?

Please see our Parking Page.

Can I ride a bicycle to the show? Where can I rent one? Where can I lock it up?

Yes! Many attendees bike to the show. There are numerous locations in the Coachella Valley to rent bicycles. Click here for some suggestions. Find the bike rack self-parking lots on the show map. Park at your own risk. Do not lock your bike against an opening/closing of a fenced area or it will be considered permanently surrendered and disposed of.

How far is the Black Car/Limo drop-off area from the entrance?

The Black Car/Limo drop-off area is approximately 100 yards to the Gate A entrance.

My customer has a Platinum Parking Pass. Can I drop them off there instead of the Black Car/Limo drop-off area?

Pick-up and drop-off operation will not be allowed in the Platinum Parking area. Once you're in, you park. Any abuse of this pass will result in confiscation.

Is my Black Car/Limo pass valid for both weekends?

No. Separate passes are issued for each weekend and must be purchased separately. A Weekend 1 pass is only valid October 7-9. A Weekend 2 pass is only valid October 14-16.

If I purchase a Black Car/Limo pass for each weekend, can I pick them up at the same time?

No. For security reasons, you must pick up your Weekend 2 pass after the conclusion of Weekend 1.


Please read the full set of Camping Rules.

Where should I stay? How can I find a hotel?

Can I sleep in a car parked in the camping companion parking lot?

The parking lots are only for parking. Sleeping in any of the parking lots is not allowed. Security will be patrolling all lots.

Can I have a motorcycle in car camping?

All car camping spots must have a standard passenger car, truck or van in them. Motorcycles, RVs, motorhomes and U-Hauls are not allowed in car camping.

Are generators allowed in on-site camping?

The Indio Fire Department has banned the use of all portable generators for the safety of all camping attendees. Only OEM generators that have been factory installed on your RV will be permitted in camping.

May I have a campfire?

Open flames are not allowed anywhere on the event site. This includes campfires, fire pits and fire cages.

May I use a stove to cook?

The use of an outdoor cooking appliance is only permitted in the Car Camping areas. Cooking in the Tent Camping, RV Camping, Lake Eldorado and Safari areas is not permitted. The following are the requirements for the use of an outdoor cooking appliance:

  1. All cooking appliances shall bear a certification or listing from a nationally recognized testing or certification organization.
  2. Cooking appliances that only utilize propane as the fuel source shall be permitted. No wood, charcoal, flammable/combustible liquid cooking appliances permitted.
  3. One cooking appliance per campsite shall be permitted.
  4. Maximum amount of propane per campsite shall not exceed 20lbs or 48lbs of water capacity.
  5. A minimum of 3 feet of clearance shall be maintained at all times while the cooking appliance is in use. No combustible material shall within 3 feet of the cooking appliance.
  6. Cooking appliances shall only be used during the hours of 7:00am to 2:00am PDT.
  7. Cooking appliances, when in use, shall not be left unattended.

May I use a heater?

The use of any type of heating appliance is not permitted in the camping areas.

Should I be worried about the wind? What should I do if it's windy?

Please be advised that it can often get very windy in the Coachella Valley. Please collapse all pop-up tents, even if they are staked into the ground, when you leave your campsite for the day. Secure all belongings that may be able to fly through the air or become projectiles.

Can I have someone deliver my RV?

If you plan on having your RV delivered to the site, you must arrive in/with the RV with whoever is delivering it. RVs that show up without the original RV Resort space purchaser will be turned away. We recommend that you meet the delivery person at a remote location, such as a Walmart or grocery store parking lot, and come to the site together.

Please note that only your RV will be allowed into the toll booth area for check-in and no cars can accompany the RV through the check-in process. Please also note that your RV will not be allowed into the check-in lot if you do not have your RV parking sticker posted according to the sticker installation instructions.

If you are working with delivery people to bring your RV to the show grounds, we suggest the following options:

  1. Meet at a remote location and pick up your RV. Bring it to the site and park it yourself.
  2. If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle: First, buy a Camping Companion Pass for your additional car/vehicle. Meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site, temporarily leaving your car at the alternate meeting location. Once the RV is placed, ride back to your meeting spot in the delivery person's tow-vehicle, pick up your car and come back to the site to park your car in the companion lot.
  3. If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle, plus you are renting/borrowing a motorized RV: First, make sure to purchase a Camping Companion Pass for your vehicle. Meet at a remote location and ride in the RV with the delivery person to the site and have a friend drive your vehicle to the companion lot. Once the RV is delivered, walk back to the companion lot to meet your friend and give them a ride back to wherever they are parked. The delivery person can also walk back to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.
  4. If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are not bringing your own vehicle, take a taxi or car service to meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site. Have the delivery person walk to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.

Campground Check-in Hours:

  • Thursday: 9am-2am
  • Friday: 9am-8pm
  • Saturday: 9am-8pm
  • Sunday: 9am-8pm
  • Pedestrian check in is 24 hours.

All times are subject to change.

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes. Find the bike rack self-parking lots on the map. Park at your own risk. Do not lock your bike against the opening/closing of a fenced area or it will be confiscated and not returned without exception.


Will there be vegetarian, vegan and kosher options at Desert Trip?

With over 100 food and beverage vendors, we offer options for almost all dietary restrictions.

Is the Culinary Experience all you can eat/drink?

Yes, Culinary Experience attendees can indulge in unlimited food offered by the CE vendors, as well as "tasting" servings of all wine, beer and cocktails from opening (2pm until showtime), so come hungry!

Can my friends hang out with me in Culinary Experience even if they didn't purchase it?

Sorry, but Culinary Experience takes place in an exclusive area of the venue, not accessible to non-CE attendees.

If I buy the Culinary Experience bundle, can split it with friends?

The weekend bundle is for 1 person to enjoy all 3 days. It can not be split amongst multiple people.

I have medical dietary needs. Who can I talk to?

Medical related/required items, such as small individual portions of specialized food otherwise unavailable in the venue, may be brought in to the venue provided a doctor’s note describing the necessity of the item(s) is shown at the gate. Please see our ADA Page.

What if I just want a hot dog?

With over 100 food and beverage vendors, Desert Trip offers almost everything, including all the concert classics.


Do the Desert Trip lockers typically sell out?

This is the very first Desert Trip. However, each and every locker at the Coachella Music Festival have been reserved online for the past seven years. 2010-2016 have all sold out online a week prior to the festival.

Will you be sending me my locker key or combination lock?

No. Please bring your PayPal receipt to the event and we will exchange it for your locker key or padlock at our check-in tent at the venue.

How do I get my locker key or combination lock?

Please print your PayPal receipt and bring it to the locker check-in tent at the event. You will see your receipt on-screen and receive it via email after placing your locker order. If you have trouble locating or printing your receipt, please contact Locker Lou.

Is my locker guaranteed for the entire show?

Yes. If you reserve a locker online, we will hold your locker throughout the entire festival until you claim it.

Will you explain the locker key/combination lock deposit?

Let's use the Medium Locker as an example:

  • You will be charged $54 on PayPal.
  • You will bring the PayPal receipt to the locker check-in at the venue.
  • You will receive a locker key that you keep for the three days of the event.
  • When you return the key, you will immediately receive a $20 deposit refund in cash.
  • Your net total cost for the Medium Locker for three days is $34.
  • You'll leave the show with $20 gas money in your pocket for the drive home.

But, I really hate lines...

We all hate lines. Please help us be efficient. When claiming your locker, please make sure you have your PayPal receipt printed and ready to hand to one of us at locker check-in.

When it's time to go home, all refunds will be issued quickly. Just hand us the locker key and we'll hand you a $20 bill. No forms, no IDs and no complications. It took more time for you to read this answer than it will to receive your deposit refund. Sometimes there's a line, but it moves fast and it won't take you long to receive your refund.

Where is the locker check-in tent?

Signs will be posted on-site and event staff will be able to direct you to the right location. Our location will also be in the show welcome guide, the show map and in the show mobile app when each are made available.

If you're lost, simply call 800.827.1692 and we'll point you in the right direction.

Will I be able to access my locker any time I want?

You must have a show wristband to access the lockers. You will be allowed access to the lockers at any time during the show hours while you are inside the venue. Once the grounds are closed for the night, you will not be able to access the lockers until the following day.

How big are the lockers?

Locker sizes are posted on our reservation page.

Can I pay for my locker at the event?

Maybe. There is a limited supply of lockers and all of them are available online. It is most likely that every locker will be reserved prior to the festival. If the lockers sell out online, as they have for the past seven years at Coachella, there will be none available for purchase on-site unless there is a last-minute cancellation.

However, if you reserve now, we will guarantee your locker for the entire event.

If I can't make it to the show or decide I don't need my locker, can I get a refund?

Yes! Please contact Locker Lou as soon as possible prior to the event. No refund will be issued once the event begins. However, if you don't already know, Locker Lou is a pretty sensitive and understanding guy... Feel free to contact Locker Lou if something comes up after the music has already started playing.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you lose your key, you will forfeit your $20 deposit. You will receive a new key and will need to pay another refundable $20 deposit. Once you return the new key, you will receive the second deposit back. If you find your lost key, you’ll receive your original deposit back too.

Will I be able to charge my phone/tablet/laptop?

Yes! We'll have a charging station inside our tent with private laptop lockers that include electrical outlets. They will be available to accommodate phones, tablets, laptops and cameras. There is no fee for this service.

Is there a place near the lockers for me to change my clothes?

There will be a changing tent near the lockers. An additional tent will be added from prior years at Coachella.

Can I get more than one key for my locker?

Only one key is issued for each Medium or Large Locker. However, all Extra-Large Lockers will be issued a combination lock.

Can I bring my own padlock?

No! You can not use your own lock. You must use the lock provided by Locker Lou. There is no additional charge for the use of our lock, which remains the property of Locker Lou. A $20 refundable lock deposit is collected when you reserve the Extra-Large Keyless Combination Locker online. We use “set-your-own combination” locks for customer convenience and increased security.

Will a prior show's locker combination open the same locker at this show?

No! After being returned at the end of each show, each and every lock combination is reset. The customers at each show then receive a lock at random from a bin and select their own personal code.

Locker Lou's Friendly Advice: If you're looking for a quick score, forget the lockers... play Powerball.

What if I forget to bring my PayPal receipt?

Don't worry! You will have to wait in line, but you will receive your locker. If you forget your receipt, you will have to fill out paper work so we can process your reservation. Please print and bring a hard copy of your receipt to avoid complications and delays.

Now is the time to repeat the Locker Lou mantra: "I will print and bring my PayPal receipt... I will print and bring my PayPal receipt... I will print and bring my PayPal receipt."

I'm super excited about getting my locker. Can I text all my friends while driving?

No! Pull over before you text your friends the good news: "IJGALFLL!" (I just got a locker from Locker Lou!).